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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Mnemonic Variable Release 
INGDWTDIndigenous household indicatorJune 2022 
INGFAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family indicatorJune 2022New
INGPIndigenous statusJune 2022 
LNGPWhether reported using an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander language at homeJune 2022New

Cultural diversity

Mnemonic Variable Release
ANC1PAncestry 1st response June 2022
ANC2PAncestry 2nd response June 2022
ANCPAncestry multi responseJune 2022
ANCRPAncestry one or two response indicatorJune 2022
BPFPCountry of birth of motherJune 2022
BPLPCountry of birth of personJune 2022
BPMPCountry of birth of fatherJune 2022
BPPPCountry of birth of parentsJune 2022
CITPAustralian citizenshipJune 2022
ENGLPProficiency in spoken EnglishJune 2022
LANPLanguage used at homeJune 2022
RELPReligious affiliationJune 2022
YARPYear of arrival in AustraliaJune 2022
YARRPYear of arrival in Australia (ranges) June 2022

Disability and carers

Mneumonic Variable Release 
ASSNPCore activity need for assistanceJune 2022
UNCAREPUnpaid assistance to a person with a disability, health condition, or due to old ageJune 2022

Education and training

Mnemonic VariableRelease 
EETPEngagement in employment, education and trainingOctober 2022
HEAPLevel of highest educational attainmentOctober 2022
HSCPHighest year of school completedJune 2022
QALFPNon-school qualification: field of studyOctober 2022
QALLPNon-school qualification: level of educationOctober 2022
STUPFull-time/part-time student statusJune 2022
TYPPType of educational institution attendingJune 2022
TYSTAPEducational institution: attendee statusJune 2022


Mnemonic Variable Release 
CALTHDCount of adults (15 years and over) with selected long-term health condition(s) in householdJune 2022New
CCLTHDCount of children with selected long-term health condition(s) in householdJune 2022New
CLTHPCount of selected long-term health conditionsJune 2022New
COARASPWhether has arthritis and asthmaJune 2022New
COARDBPWhether has arthritis and diabetesJune 2022New
COARHDPWhether has arthritis and heart diseaseJune 2022New
COARMHPWhether has arthritis and mental health conditionJune 2022New
COASHDPWhether has asthma and heart diseaseJune 2022New
COASLCPWhether has asthma and lung conditionJune 2022New
COCNHDPWhether has cancer and heart diseaseJune 2022New
CODBHDPWhether has diabetes and heart diseaseJune 2022New
CODBKDPWhether has diabetes and kidney diseaseJune 2022New
COHDKDPWhether has heart disease and kidney diseaseJune 2022New
COHDMHPWhether has heart disease and mental health conditionJune 2022New
COLCMHPWhether has lung condition and mental health conditionJune 2022New
CPLTHDCount of persons with selected long-term health condition(s) in householdJune 2022New
CPLTHRDCount of persons with selected long-term health condition(s) in household (ranges)June 2022New
HARTPWhether has arthritisJune 2022New
HASTPWhether has asthmaJune 2022New
HCANPWhether has cancer (including remission)June 2022New
HDEMPWhether has dementia (including Alzheimer's)June 2022New
HDIAPWhether has diabetes (excluding gestational diabetes)June 2022New
HHEDPWhether has heart disease (including heart attack or angina)June 2022New
HKIDPWhether has kidney diseaseJune 2022New
HLTHPWhether has one or more long-term health condition(s)June 2022New
HLUNPWhether has lung condition (including COPD and emphysema)June 2022New
HMHCPWhether has mental health condition (including depression or anxiety)June 2022New
HOLHPWhether has other long-term health condition(s)June 2022New
HSTRPWhether has had a strokeJune 2022New
LTHPType of long-term health conditionJune 2022New

Household and families

Mnemonic Variable Release 
CACFCount of all children in familyJune 2022
CDCAFCount of dependent children under 15 in family temporarily absentJune 2022
CDCFCount of dependent children in familyJune 2022
CDCUFCount of dependent children under 15 in familyJune 2022New
CDSAFCount of dependent students (15-24 years) in family temporarily absentJune 2022
CDSFCount of dependent students (15-24 years) in familyJune 2022New
CNDAFCount of non-dependent children temporarily absentJune 2022
CNDCFCount of non-dependent children in familyJune 2022
CPADCount of persons temporarily absent from householdJune 2022
CPAFCount of persons temporarily absent from familyJune 2022
CPRFCount of persons in familyJune 2022
CTGPChild type (including grandchildren)June 2022
CTPPChild typeJune 2022
FBLFFamily blendingJune 2022
FMCFFamily compositionJune 2022
FMGFGrandparent familiesJune 2022
FNOFFamily numberJune 2022
FPIPParent indicatorJune 2022New
FRLFRelationship between familiesJune 2022
HCFMDFamily household composition (dwelling)June 2022
HCFMFFamily household composition (family)June 2022
HHCDHousehold compositionJune 2022
IFMSTPImputation flag for registered marital statusJune 2022
IFNMFDImputation flag for number of males and females in dwellingJune 2022
MDCPSocial marital statusJune 2022
MSTPRegistered marital statusJune 2022
NPRDNumber of persons usually resident in dwellingJune 2022
RLCPRelationship as reported for couplesJune 2022
RLGPRelationship in household (including grandchildren)June 2022
RLHPRelationship in householdJune 2022
RPIPFamily/household reference person indicatorJune 2022
SLPPSex of lone parentJune 2022
SPIPSpouse/partner indicatorJune 2022New
SPLFLocation of spouseJune 2022
SSCFSame-sex couple indicatorJune 2022


Mnemonic Variable Release 
BEDDNumber of bedrooms in private dwelling June 2022
BEDRDNumber of bedrooms in private dwelling (ranges) June 2022
DLODDwelling locationJune 2022
DWTDDwelling typeJune 2022
HOSDHousing suitabilityJune 2022
LLDDLandlord type June 2022
MAIDMortgage affordability indicatorJune 2022New
MREDMortgage repayments (monthly) dollar valuesJune 2022
MRERDMortgage repayments (monthly) ranges June 2022
NPDDType of non-private dwellingJune 2022
OPGPHomelessness Operational GroupsApril 2023
RAIDRent affordability indicatorJune 2022New
RLNPResidential status in a non-private dwellingJune 2022
RNTDRent (weekly) dollar valuesJune 2022
RNTRDRent (weekly) rangesJune 2022
STRDDwelling structureJune 2022
TENDTenure typeJune 2022
TENLLDTenure and landlord type June 2022

Income and work

Mnemonic Variable Release 
CDPPCommunity Development Program participationOctober 2022
EMPPNumber of employeesOctober 2022
FIDFFamily income derivation indicatorJune 2022
FINASFTotal family income as stated (weekly)June 2022
FINFTotal family income (weekly)June 2022
GNGPPublic/private sectorOctober 2022
HIDDHousehold income derivation indicatorJune 2022
HIEDEquivalised total household income (weekly)June 2022
HINASDTotal household income as stated (weekly)June 2022
HINDTotal household income (weekly)June 2022
HRSPHours workedOctober 2022
HRWRPHours worked (ranges) October 2022
INCPTotal personal income (weekly)June 2022
INDPIndustry of employmentOctober 2022
LFHRPLabour force status and hours worked not statedOctober 2022
LFSFLabour force status of parents/partners in familiesOctober 2022
LFSPLabour force statusOctober 2022
OCCPOccupationOctober 2022
OCCEV1POccupation experimental update version 1October 2022New
OCSKPOccupation skill levelOctober 2022New
OCSKEV1POccupation skill level experimental update version 1October 2022New
SIEMPStatus in employmentOctober 2022


Mnemonic Variable Release 
IFPOWPImputation flag for place of workOctober 2022
IFPURPImputation flag for place of usual residenceJune 2022
MV1DHousehold one year mobility indicatorOctober 2022
MV5DHousehold five year mobility indicatorOctober 2022
POWPPlace of workOctober 2022
PUR1PPlace of usual residence one year agoOctober 2022
PUR5PPlace of usual residence five years agoOctober 2022
PURPPlace of usual residenceJune 2022
UAI1PUsual address one year ago indicatorOctober 2022
UAI5PUsual address five years ago indicatorOctober 2022
UAICPUsual address indicator Census nightJune 2022


Mnemonic Variable Release 
AGE10PAge in ten year groupsJune 2022
AGE5PAge in five year groupsJune 2022
AGEPAgeJune 2022
IFAGEPImputation flag for ageJune 2022
IFSEXPImputation flag for sexJune 2022
SEXPSexJune 2022
TISPNumber of children ever born June 2022
TISRPNumber of children ever born (ranges) June 2022

Service with the Australian Defence Force

Mnemonic Variable Release 
ADCPAustralian Defence Force service, detailedJune 2022New
ADFPAustralian Defence Force serviceJune 2022New


Mnemonic Variable Release 
DTWP Distance to work (ranges)April 2023
IFDTWP Imputed distance to workApril 2023
MTW06P Method of travel to work (6 travel modes)October 2022
MTW15PMethod of travel to work (15 travel modes)October 2022
MTWPMethod of travel to workOctober 2022
VEHDNumber of motor vehiclesJune 2022
VEHRDNumber of motor vehicles (ranges) June 2022

Unpaid work and care

Mnemonic Variable Release 
CHCAREPUnpaid child careJune 2022
DOMPUnpaid domestic work: number of hoursJune 2022
VOLWPVoluntary work for an organisation or groupJune 2022

National reporting indicators

Mnemonic Variable Release 
C3SPAttainment of certificate III or higher or working towards a non-school qualificationOctober 2022
EMFPEmployment flagOctober 2022
LFFPLabour force participation flagOctober 2022
SVFPLevel of workplace participation survey comparison flagOctober 2022
UEFPUnemployment flagOctober 2022
WTNSQPPeople with or working towards a non-school qualificationOctober 2022New
YR12C2PAttainment of year 12 or certificate II or higherOctober 2022
YR12C3PAttainment of year 12 or certificate III or higherOctober 2022

Supporting variables

Mnemonic Variable Variable TopicRelease 
AGEPAgePopulationJune 2022
EETPEngagement in employment, education and trainingEducation and trainingOctober 2022
HEAPLevel of highest educational attainmentEducation and trainingJune 2022
HOSDHousing suitabilityHousingJune 2022
INGPIndigenous statusAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoplesJune 2022
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