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CACFCount of all children in familyJune 2022
CDCAFCount of dependent children under 15 in family temporarily absentJune 2022
CDCFCount of dependent children in familyJune 2022
CDCUFCount of dependent children under 15 in familyJune 2022New
CDSAFCount of dependent students (15-24 years) in family temporarily absentJune 2022
CDSFCount of dependent students (15-24 years) in familyJune 2022New
CNDAFCount of non-dependent children temporarily absentJune 2022
CNDCFCount of non-dependent children in familyJune 2022
CPADCount of persons temporarily absent from householdJune 2022
CPAFCount of persons temporarily absent from familyJune 2022
CPRFCount of persons in familyJune 2022
CTGPChild type (including grandchildren)June 2022
CTPPChild typeJune 2022
FBLFFamily blendingJune 2022
FMCFFamily compositionJune 2022
FMGFGrandparent familiesJune 2022
FNOFFamily numberJune 2022
FPIPParent indicatorJune 2022New
FRLFRelationship between familiesJune 2022
HCFMDFamily household composition (dwelling)June 2022
HCFMFFamily household composition (family)June 2022
HHCDHousehold compositionJune 2022
IFMSTPImputation flag for registered marital statusJune 2022
IFNMFDImputation flag for number of males and females in dwellingJune 2022
MDCPSocial marital statusJune 2022
MSTPRegistered marital statusJune 2022
NPRDNumber of persons usually resident in dwellingJune 2022
RLCPRelationship as reported for couplesJune 2022
RLGPRelationship in household (including grandchildren)June 2022
RLHPRelationship in householdJune 2022
RPIPFamily/household reference person indicatorJune 2022
SLPPSex of lone parentJune 2022
SPIPSpouse/partner indicatorJune 2022New
SPLFLocation of spouseJune 2022
SSCFSame-sex couple indicatorJune 2022
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