Imputation flag for sex (IFSEXP)

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This variable indicates if a person's binary sex was imputed. Imputation is a statistical process for predicting values where no response was provided to a question and a response could not be derived.


All persons


01Sex not imputed
02Sex imputed

Number of categories:  2

Question(s) from the Census form

Is the person: Male; Female; Non-binary sex

How this variable is created

This variable is created during the processing of the Sex (SEXP) variable. When a record has sex imputed it is coded to ‘02 Sex imputed’ and where a record uses information from the Census form it is coded to ’01 Sex not imputed’.

For more information about imputation, please see the Sex (SEXP) variable and imputation in the Census Glossary.

History and changes

The Imputation flag for sex (IFSEXP) variable was first used in 2016.

No changes have been made for 2021. 

Data use considerations

There are no known data use considerations at this time.

Using the Imputation Flag for Sex (IFSEXP), the non-response rate for Sex was 4.7% in 2021. This is a decrease from 5.8% in 2016. For more information on imputation, see Census Methodology.

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