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Census of Population and Housing: Census dictionary
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BEDDNumber of bedrooms in private dwelling June 2022
BEDRDNumber of bedrooms in private dwelling (ranges) June 2022
DLODDwelling locationJune 2022
DWIPDwelling type indicator for personsApril 2023
DWTDDwelling typeJune 2022
HOSDHousing suitabilityJune 2022
LLDDLandlord type June 2022
MAIDMortgage affordability indicatorJune 2022New
MREDMortgage repayments (monthly) dollar valuesJune 2022
MRERDMortgage repayments (monthly) ranges June 2022
NPDDType of non-private dwellingJune 2022
OPGPHomelessness operational groupsApril 2023
RAIDRent affordability indicatorJune 2022New
RLNPResidential status in a non-private dwellingJune 2022
RNTDRent (weekly) dollar valuesJune 2022
RNTRDRent (weekly) rangesJune 2022
STRDDwelling structureJune 2022
TENDTenure typeJune 2022
TENLLDTenure and landlord type June 2022
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