Census of Population and Housing: Census dictionary

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Detailed information about Census variables, concepts and terms.

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The 2021 Census dictionary contains detailed information about Census variables and concepts. The dictionary helps data users better understand and interpret Census data.

The main sections of the dictionary include:

  • What’s new for 2021 - summary of changes to classifications, Census variables and Census questions since 2016. Lists new variables for 2021.
  • Variables index - alphabetical list of all variables. Variables can be selected to see more details.
  • Variables by topic - helps users find variables based on topic group. Variables can be selected to see more details.
  • Glossary - terms and definitions to assist data users gain a broader understanding of the Census and Census topics.

About Census variables

Information collected through the Census questions become data, which is output through variables. The Census dictionary details each variable and contains information on:

  • Variable definition
  • Scope (the population that the variable is applicable to)
  • Categories
  • How the variable is created
  • Questions on the Census form related to the variable
  • History and changes
  • Data use considerations (including non-response rates)
  • Related variables and glossary terms
  • Useful links

Census data is available through a suite of standard products, or as data customised for individual user requirements. This reference material should be used in conjunction with Census data.

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