Place of usual residence one year ago (PUR1P)

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This variable records the geographic area in which a person usually lived one year before the Census. The base area that is output is Statistical area level 2. These can be aggregated to form higher Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) areas:

  • Statistical area level 3
  • Statistical area level 4
  • Significant urban area
  • Greater capital city statistical areas
  • State/Territory

For details of these areas refer to the ASGS.


People aged one year and over


 In addition to the ASGS geographic areas outlined above, the following categories are also included:
9099Capital city nfd
9499No usual address
9799Migratory, off-shore and shipping
9899State/Territory nfd
&&&&Not stated
@@@@Not applicable
VVVVOverseas visitors

Number of categories: Total number of categories will depend on the geographic level chosen

Not applicable (@@@@) category comprises:

  • Persons aged under 1 year

See Understanding supplementary codes for more information.

Special purpose code definitions

Question(s) from the Census form

Where does the person usually live?

Where did the person usually live one year ago (at 10 August 2020)?

How this variable is created

PUR1P is coded to SA2 geography based on the response to the question, 'Where did the person usually live one year ago (at 10 August 2020)?'. If PUR1P cannot be coded to SA2 geography, it is assigned to a 'Capital city nfd' category, or a 'State/Territory nfd' category.

For people whose place of usual residence one year ago was the same as their place of usual residence on Census Night, PUR1P is automatically derived from Place of usual residence (PURP). People who lived overseas one year ago are coded to ‘Overseas’. For people who lived elsewhere in Australia one year ago, the address details provided on the form are coded using automatic or clerical processes.

People who did not answer 'Where did the person usually live one year ago (at 10 August 2020)?' are coded to ‘Not stated’.

History and changes

The question 'Where did the person usually live one year ago?' was first asked in the 1976 Census and has been asked at every Census since.

In 2021, Geographic classifications have been changed to reflect the updated ASGS used for the 2021 Census. Supplementary code ‘Undefined state’ has been updated to ‘State/Territory nfd’ to better reflect the category.

Data use considerations

There are no data use considerations for this variable.

The non-response rate for Place of usual residence one year ago (PUR1P) was 6.0% in 2021. This is a decrease from 8.6% in 2016.

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