Cultural diversity

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Census of Population and Housing: Census dictionary
Reference period
Mnemonic Variable Release 
ANC1PAncestry 1st response June 2022
ANC2PAncestry 2nd response June 2022
ANCPAncestry multi responseJune 2022
ANCRPAncestry one or two response indicatorJune 2022New
BPFPCountry of birth of motherJune 2022
BPLPCountry of birth of personJune 2022
BPMPCountry of birth of fatherJune 2022
BPPPCountry of birth of parentsJune 2022
CITPAustralian citizenshipJune 2022
ENGLPProficiency in spoken EnglishJune 2022
LANPLanguage used at homeJune 2022
RELPReligious affiliationJune 2022
YARPYear of arrival in AustraliaJune 2022
YARRPYear of arrival in Australia (ranges) June 2022
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