Consultancy services

Customised data tailored to meet your needs

Information for making better informed decisions

Whether you are developing a policy for government, operating a private business or conducting research, we have information to help you.

Australians regularly provide us with information about their:

  • Working life
  • Business activities
  • How and where they live
  • Family structures
  • What they spend their money on

This wealth of information enables us to put together a picture of Australia.

Where to find ABS data

Published information is available free of charge on our website.

Where data is not available on our website at the level of detail you require, our consultancy service can provide you with customised data to meet your specific requirements. 

This consultancy service is priced to meet our costs in delivering information to you.

How to make a request

You can explore the range of services we offer below.

To discuss how we can cater for your specific needs, contact us via the Consultancy Request Form. We will arrange for a consultant to contact you as soon as possible.

If you require further assistance please add your contact details to the form and a consultant will contact you as soon as possible.

Our services

ABS Survey & Census based consultancy

Census data can be customised based on: 

  • Recent and historic data 
  • Geographic needs 
  • Client defined variables 
  • Customised Census geography and mapping

Customised data across most data collections including: 

  • International Trade – Import, Exports 
  • Estimated Resident Population 
  • Counts Australian Business Entry/Exit 
  • General Social Survey 
  • Labour Force 
  • Agriculture 
  • Overseas Arrivals and Departures 
  • Living Conditions – Survey of Income & Housing 
  • Vital Statistics – Births, Deaths 
  • Building and Construction – Building Activity, Building Approvals and Engineering Construction Activity


Data can be delivered regularly on release day for: 

  • International Trade 
  • Overseas Arrivals and Departures 
  • Building and Construction – Building Activity, Building Approvals and Engineering Construction Activity 
  • Labour Force

If there are other topics of interest, please contact us to discuss further.

Integrated data consultancy*

 Across integrated data assets (PLIDA and BLADE), we can provide: 

  • Project support, implementation and delivery 
  • Proof of concept projects 
  • Statistical code transfers and sharing 
  • Skills transfers and training 
  • Specification development 
  • Data extraction and validation 

*This service is only available for clients meeting the integrated data criteria.

Integrated data

The ABS has a team of data analysts with SAS, R, and Stata coding skills paired with consulting and client management skills. This puts us in a unique position to offer a range of services to help you start your journey with integrated data. 

The team provides technical analyst support and where necessary collaborates with subject matter experts from across the ABS to find integrated data solutions to meet your needs. 

The service delivery is tailored to your goals and budget, from providing additional analyst capability on established projects, to data extraction and validation, or the development of data specifications and analysis plans for new projects. 

Integrated data assets include the Business Longitudinal Analytical Data Environment (BLADE) and the Person Level Integrated Data Asset (PLIDA). These data assets are available through the DataLab. Clients need to meet eligibility criteria to use our integrated data service. 

For more information on the DataLab eligibility, refer to Who can access the DataLab

Privacy policy

All information provided to us is protected by confidentiality provisions. When we release statistics, the ABS will not disclose any identifiable information in a way that is likely to identify a particular person or organisation. 

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