Imputation flag for number of males and females in dwelling (IFNMFD)

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This variable indicates whether the number of males and females were counted for an occupied private dwelling or were imputed. This flag indicates dwellings where no form was received and therefore people needed to be imputed into the dwelling.


Occupied private dwellings


1Persons not imputed into dwelling
2Persons imputed into dwelling
@Not applicable

Number of categories:  3

Not applicable (@) category comprises:

  • Unoccupied private dwellings
  • Non-private dwellings
  • Migratory, off-shore and shipping SA1s

Question(s) from the Census form

This variable is not collected from a direct question on the Census form.

How this variable is created

Most occupied private dwellings return a completed form, so the number of persons is known. This variable identifies those private dwellings where the number of people are imputed.

History and changes

This variable was first used in the 2006 Census. The categories for this item were changed in 2016 due to the changes in dwelling enumeration.

Prior to the 2016 Census, Census Field Officers would collect information on number of males and females in residence during their visits to the dwelling. This information would be recorded in their collector record books and could be used instead of imputation if there was no response from the dwelling. This information was not collected during the 2016 Census and if a dwelling did not respond the only option was to impute the number of males and females based on similar dwellings. This flag is set during Census processing.

No changes have been made for 2021.

Data use considerations

For imputed persons, the following person variables are also imputed:

All other person variables are set to ‘Not stated’ or ‘Not applicable’ for imputed persons.

Non-response rate only applies to data items that directly reflect responses to individual Census form questions. This imputation flag does not have a non-response rate as it is used to indicate whether the number of males and females were imputed during Census processing for applicable households. For more information on imputation, see Census Methodology.

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