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Income and work

Census of Population and Housing: Census dictionary
Reference period
Mnemonic Variable Release 
CDPPCommunity Development Program participationOctober 2022
EMPPNumber of employeesOctober 2022
FIDFFamily income derivation indicatorJune 2022
FINASFTotal family income as stated (weekly)June 2022
FINFTotal family income (weekly)June 2022
GNGPPublic/private sectorOctober 2022
HIDDHousehold income derivation indicatorJune 2022
HIEDEquivalised total household income (weekly)June 2022
HINASDTotal household income as stated (weekly)June 2022
HINDTotal household income (weekly)June 2022
HRSPHours workedOctober 2022
HRWRPHours worked (ranges) October 2022
INCPTotal personal income (weekly)June 2022
INDPIndustry of employmentOctober 2022
LFHRPLabour force status and hours worked not statedOctober 2022
LFSFLabour force status of parents/partners in familiesOctober 2022
LFSPLabour force statusOctober 2022
OCCPOccupationOctober 2022
OCCEV1POccupation experimental update version 1October 2022New
OCSKPOccupation skill levelOctober 2022New
OCSKEV1POccupation skill level experimental update version 1October 2022New
SIEMPStatus in employmentOctober 2022