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Census of Population and Housing: Census dictionary
Reference period
Mnemonic Variable Release 
IFPOWPImputation flag for place of workOctober 2022
IFPURPImputation flag for place of usual residenceJune 2022
MV1DHousehold one year mobility indicatorOctober 2022
MV5DHousehold five year mobility indicatorOctober 2022
POWPPlace of workOctober 2022
PUR1PPlace of usual residence one year agoOctober 2022
PUR5PPlace of usual residence five years agoOctober 2022
PURPPlace of usual residenceJune 2022
UAI1PUsual address one year ago indicatorOctober 2022
UAI5PUsual address five years ago indicatorOctober 2022
UAICPUsual address indicator Census nightJune 2022
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