Total household income as stated (weekly) (HINASD)

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This variable provides the total weekly income of a private household based on the reported personal incomes of all members that are aged 15 years or older.


Occupied private dwellings


Annual income ranges are displayed within brackets.

01Negative income
02Nil income
03$1-$149 ($1-$7,799)
04$150-$299 ($7,800-$15,599)
05$300-$399 ($15,600-$20,799)
06$400-$499 ($20,800-$25,999)
07$500-$649 ($26,000-$33,799)
08$650-$799 ($33,800-$41,599)
09$800-$999 ($41,600-$51,999)
10$1,000-$1,249 ($52,000-$64,999)
11$1,250-$1,499 ($65,000-$77,999)
12$1,500-$1,749 ($78,000-$90,999)
13$1,750-$1,999 ($91,000-$103,999)
14$2,000-$2,499 ($104,000-$129,999)
15$2,500-$2,999 ($130,000-$155,999)
16$3,000-$3,499 ($156,000-$181,999)
17$3,500-$3,999 ($182,000-$207,999)
18$4,000-$4,499 ($208,000-$233,999)
19$4,500-$4,999 ($234,000-$259,999)
20$5,000-$5,999 ($260,000-$311,999)
21$6,000-$7,999 ($312,000-$415,999)
22$8,000 or more ($416,000 or more)
&&All incomes not stated
@@Not applicable

Number of categories:  24

Not applicable (@@) category comprises:

  • Non-private dwellings
  • Unoccupied private dwellings
  • Migratory, off-shore and shipping SA1s
  • Other non-classifiable households

Question(s) from the Census form

What is the total of all income the person usually receives?

How this variable is created

Total household income as stated (weekly) is the sum of Total personal income (weekly) (INCP) of each resident aged 15 years and over present in the household on Census Night. As personal income is collected in ranges, median values are assigned to each range using data from the Survey of Income and Housing. For more information about this survey see the Survey of Income and Housing, User Guide. 

The income ranges for Total household income as stated (weekly) include households where one or more household members aged 15 years and over did not state their income, or were temporarily absent. In the variable Total household income (weekly) (HIND), these households would be excluded from the household income calculation and be coded to the category 'Partial income stated'.

Where no member of a household aged 15 years and over has stated their income, the household is classified as 'All incomes not stated'.

In most cases, the income of visitors to a household is excluded from Total household income as stated. The exception to this is households that comprise only visitors.

History and changes

This variable was first used in 2006, though other measures of household income had been used in previous censuses. For 2016 the categories for annual income dollar ranges were revised.

No changes have been made to the household income categories for 2021.

Data use considerations

Total household income as stated is calculated for visitor only households in order to collect data on household income in tourist areas.

Increases to counts in the higher household income ranges can be partly attributed to the addition of a higher income range to the Personal income question. For more details, see Total personal income (weekly) (INCP).

This variable does not have a non-response rate as it is created during Census processing by using responses from one or more questions on the Census form. 

Related variables and glossary terms

  • Total household income (weekly) (HIND)
  • Total personal income (weekly) (INCP)
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