Level of workforce participation survey comparison flag (SVFP)

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This variable is used for national reporting purposes.

This variable approximates a population that is comparable with in-scope survey populations as used in the Closing the Gap Target 8 – strong economic participation and development of people and their communities.


All persons aged 15 years and over


1In scope of national reporting level of workforce participation survey comparison population
@Not applicable*

Number of categories: 2

Not applicable (@) comprises:

  • Persons living in non-private dwellings
  • Persons living in non-classifiable households
  • Persons who reported their Industry of employment (INDP) as ‘Foreign Government Representation’ or ‘Defence’
  • Persons under 15 years of age
  • Visitors (from within Australia)
  • Overseas visitors

* Categories marked with an '*' are to be excluded from data extracted for national reporting purposes.

Question(s) from the Census form

This variable is not derived from a question, but by other variables.  See 'How this variable is created' for further information.

How this variable is created

To determine the people who are in scope for this variable, the following variables are used:

History and changes

This variable was first created in 2016. No changes have been made for 2021.

Data use considerations

This variable was created for National reporting purposes. Any analyses using this variable that are for other purposes should be done with caution and with reference to the relevant inclusions and exclusions described above.

Categories marked with an '*' are to be excluded from data extracted for national reporting purposes. 

This variable does not have a non-response rate as it is created during Census processing by using responses from more than one question on the Census form. 

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