Measuring the impacts of COVID-19

We have released a range of new statistics and research products to help understand the impacts of COVID-19. This includes additional analysis and information on economic statistics, including the classification of COVID-19 policies in economic statistics, selected issues in the economic accounts and methods changes. Expanded integrated data resources have also been developed to inform COVID-19 response through the Multi-Agency Data Integration Project (MADIP).

Find out more about the ABS response to COVID-19, including announcements by the Australian Statistician, Dr David Gruen.

Due to the increasing development of other new products in addition to maintaining our current statistical program, some COVID-19 related products will cease from June 2021. For more information see Changes to ABS Statistical Work Program.

Interactive maps

A series of interactive ABS COVID-19 response maps are available to help analyse the impacts of COVID-19 across a range of variables including; at risk populations, housing characteristics, change in payroll jobs, employment distributions and others.

Labour statistics

Weekly Payroll Jobs and Wages in Australia
Experimental weekly estimates on the impact of COVID-19 on payroll jobs and wages, sourced from Single Touch Payroll data.

Quarterly Tourism Labour Statistics, Australia, Experimental Estimates
Experimental estimates of quarterly tourism employment and jobs to help explain the impacts of COVID-19 on tourism activity.

Labour Force, Australia, Detailed - Electronic Delivery - Additional analysis
Detailed labour force data that can support analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on the Australian labour market, including regional labour market information.

Labour Force, Australia - Additional analysis
Additional analysis, to support the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on the Australian labour market.

Labour Force, Australia, Detailed, Quarterly - Additional analysis
Additional quarterly analysis of industry and occupation labour force survey data to highlight the impact of COVID-19 on the Australian labour market.

Measuring the labour market impacts of COVID-19 – Feature Article
This article provides a summary of the ABS’ existing and new labour market products and the information they provide to understand the impacts of COVID-19.

Economy and industry statistics

Survey of Motor Vehicle Use, Australia

Estimates of road vehicle usage, Australia, including sub-annual estimates during the 2019/20 natural disasters and COVID-19 pandemic

Business Indicators, Business Impacts of COVID-19
This publication provides information on the incidence and nature of impacts due to COVID-19, as experienced by businesses operating in Australia.

International Merchandise Trade, Preliminary, Australia
Preliminary estimate for Australia's trade in goods on an original, current price (merchandise trade) basis.

Retail Trade, Preliminary
Preliminary retail turnover data to help measure the economic impact of COVID-19.

National Accounts March Quarter 2020 - Recorded Webinar
A recorded webinar outlining the impacts of COVID-19 on the March quarter 2020 national accounts including data sources, methods and treatment of new policies. Available on the ABS YouTube channel.

Microdata: Business Longitudinal Analysis Data Environment, BLADE
Confidentialised data about all businesses that were active in the Australian economy in the 2018-19 financial year, supporting economic analysis prior to COVID-19 impacts. Register for free access to TableBuilder and create your own tables with Businesses in Australia, 2018-19.

Wage Price Index, Australia - additional analytical Labour Price Index
Additional analytical index that helps explain the changes in the cost of labour for employers through the COVID-19 pandemic.

People and health statistics

Household Financial Resources, 2019-2020
Preliminary quarterly estimates from the Survey of Income and Housing to provide insight into the financial impact of COVID-19 on Australian households. 

Household Impacts of COVID-19 Survey
This publication provides information about the impacts of COVID-19 on Australian households. Over a series of releases it will include data about changes to job status, stimulus packages, personal and household stressors, concerns about physical and mental health, precautions taken, lifestyle changes and more.

Provisional Mortality Statistics
Provisional deaths data for measuring changes in patterns of mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery period.

Overseas Travel Statistics, Provisional
Provisional statistics on international travel based on initial border crossings, arriving in and departing from Australia, including tourism trips.

Overseas Arrivals and Departures, Australia - Feature Articles
Series of 9 feature articles containing additional state and territory level analysis of overseas visitor arrivals, as well as national and state and territory information on arrivals of international students.

National Health Survey, Health Conditions - Datacube
Modelled small area estimates of chronic health conditions by age for Statistical Area Level 2.

Statistical insights

Quarterly Counts of Australian Businesses, Experimental Estimates
Paper presenting experimental counts of Australian businesses, including entries and exits (by industry, type of legal organisation, state and territory and employment size) to help explain the impacts of COVID-19 on business activity.  

Using electricity data to understand COVID-19 impacts
Exploratory analysis of electricity usage patterns in Melbourne households and businesses for January to April 2020 

Measuring the impacts of COVID-19, Mar-May 2020 - Feature Article
An article exploring economic, social, household, employment and industry impacts in Australia due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Australian Statistician - Analytical Series
Includes additional quarterly analyses providing insights into impacts of COVID-19 on the economy.

Australian National Accounts - Additional insights (released quarterly)
Contains additional analysis on economic impacts of COVID-19.

Additional statistical products - release schedule

For release dates please refer to the ABS Release Calendar.

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