Data integration service

If your project needs cannot be met using our current integrated data products, the ABS provides customised data integration services.

As an accredited Integrating Authority, we can: 

  • Customise integrated data products from existing data assets, such as MADIP and BLADE.
  • Integrate ABS data with your organisation’s data or data held by another organisation.
  • Advise on how to establish and run data integration projects.

What custom data do we offer

The first step is to contact ABS Data Services via We will discuss your project requirements and data options.

Custom integrated data from MADIP and BLADE is generally provided to approved users as detailed microdata via the secure ABS DataLab.

Access and services outlines how to access integrated data, including existing data.

How do we carry out custom services

After you contact ABS Data Services, we will walk you through the phases of a custom data integration service and provide you with an Integrated data project proposal template.

Once a proposal is received, the key steps are:

Technical assessment

  • ABS conducts an initial Five Safes Framework assessment and ensures data is suitable and available for your research purpose. We will contact the Project Lead if further details are required.

Cost quote and timing

  • Once the service is clarified, we will provide you with a quote for the custom services and other associated costs (such as DataLab access). A timeline for delivery will also be provided.


  • Following acceptance of the quote, we undertake a detailed Five Safes Assessment and organise the relevant ABS and data custodian approvals. Data custodians may recommend additional requirements, including ethics approval. For linkage of new data, a safe data assessment is conducted under the guidance of the ABS Disclosure Review Committee.


  • An invoice will be supplied to the Project Lead.

Service delivery

  • Once the invoice is paid and approvals are in place, the new data linkage or custom data assembly will take place based on the agreed timeline.


  • We will advise of access requirements at the start of the project. If the project requires detailed microdata via the ABS DataLab, we will support your research team through the safe researcher onboarding process.

If a project is under an existing Memorandum of Understanding/Agreement in Writing with the ABS, the process may differ.


The ABS charges for custom data integration services on a cost-recovery basis. We can provide a quote estimate at any stage if you contact us at

Costs will depend on the complexity of the required data product, level of curation required, and number of new linkages.

Custom microdata products are accessed through the ABS DataLab and DataLab access will be charged for custom microdata requests. Data services prices outlines the associated DataLab access costs.

The table below provides indicative costs for new data integration or linkage projects (all charges include GST where applicable) *:

Project typeGovernment projects
(GST not applicable)
All other projects
Assembly of two existing simple MADIP datasets into a custom analytical file$2,100$2,310
Linkage of a new dataset to MADIPfrom $48,100from $52,910
Linkage of a new dataset to BLADEfrom $16,300from $17,930

Costs increase when a project requires:

  • assembly/linkage of complex datasets
  • data item aggregation/derivations
  • a Privacy Impact Assessment
  • extensive data cleaning and/or resupply

*The indicative costs above are provided as a guide. The ABS completed a review of prices in 2021. Prices are reviewed on an annual basis.


The ABS takes care to ensure we provide tables and data of sufficient quality for analysis. For this reason, we may decline to provide a service, if we consider that the data quality would not provide a sufficiently well-founded assessment of reality.

Data security and confidentiality

The ABS is committed to the protection of both personal data and data on businesses. The ABS reserves the right to apply additional controls under the Five Safes Framework to ensure data and confidentiality is adequately protected.

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