How to Apply for Microdata

Census TableBuilder Guest datasets can be accessed as a guest user without registering.

For access to all other TableBuilder and microdata data series, users will need to register and subscribe. A user whose organisation subscribes to TableBuilder or microdata will be automatically joined to their organisation for immediate access to subscribed products. Users can subscribe to Census TableBuilder Basic datasets for free. See Prices for subscription costs for MicrodataDownload, DataLab, Census TableBuilder Pro and other TableBuilder datasets.

Step 1: Register and activate your account STEP 1. REGISTER AND ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT

Register and agree to terms & conditions.

  • Use your organisation email address when registering.
  • If you are not sure if you have previously registered, contact or phone 1300 135 070 before re-registering.
  • You will receive an email asking you to activate your account by clicking on the link.
  • If you are a user in more than one organisation, you will need to register separately using each organisation's email address.

Step 2: Subscribe STEP 2. SUBSCRIBE

Send an email to including your name, organisation, user ID number and the microdata product and system you are interested in.
  • The ABS processes the application and advises you and your organisation's Contact Officer of the outcome.
  • The ABS contacts your organisation's Contact Officer to arrange payment (if required). Credit card is the preferred payment method.
  • If you are applying for basic or expanded CURFs or detailed microdata files, the head of your organisation must also submit a Responsible Officer Undertaking to the ABS. See Responsible Use of ABS Microdata user guide.

Step 3: Access data STEP 3. ACCESS DATA

Basic CURFs
  • Log into MicrodataDownload.
  • Alternatively, if your organisation has previously received basic CURFs on CD-ROM, your Contact Officer can provide you with access once you have registered and joined your organisation in the Registration Centre.
  • Log into Registration Centre for a list of your organisation's Contact Officers.

Expanded CURFs and Detailed Microdata in DataLab
  • See About the DataLab for information on which organisations may apply for access to detailed microdata.
  • Contact with your name, organisation and the microdata file you are interested in accessing.
  • Each user must sign a Declaration of Compliance, Individual Undertaking and attend face-to-face training.

Expanded CURFs in RADL
  • RADL is being decommissioned and is available for existing users only. New users should apply for access to Expanded CURFs in the DataLab.
  • Contact with your name, user ID, organisation and the expanded CURFs you are interested in accessing.
  • Log into RADL using your RADL log in credentials provided by the ABS.


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