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Census of Population and Housing: Census dictionary
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Temporarily absent

The Census form seeks information about people who usually reside in a dwelling but who are temporarily absent on Census Night. Coders use the following temporary absentees in determining household and family classifications:

  • partners
  • children
  • co-tenants or unrelated flatmates (used to classify group households).

The only information gathered on temporarily absent persons are name, sex, age, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander origin, person's relationship in household and whether the person is a full-time student. This information is used to assist in family coding. All other information for persons temporarily absent and in Australia on Census Night, should have been obtained at their place of enumeration. However, this information is not able to be related back to this dwelling.

See also Child, Household and Partner.

Third-plus generation Australians

Third-plus generation Australians are Australian-born people whose parents were both born in Australia. One or more of their grandparents may have been born overseas or they may have several generations of ancestors born in Australia.