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Visitors to a household

A visitor to a household is anyone who does not usually live in the household in which they were enumerated on Census Night. Characteristics of individual visitors to a household are available at the household of enumeration.

The relationship of visitors to one another, or to any resident (including cases where all the people enumerated are visitors) is not further classified.

Households containing only visitors are excluded from family variables, and the internal migration variables.

See also Family, Household, Internal migration, Place of enumeration and Usual residence.

Visitors to Australia

The question on the Census form, 'Where does the person usually live?' allows the identification of people who are usually resident in another country. These overseas visitors are identified as a separate category (coded as V) for all applicable variables.

For the 2006, 2011, 2016 and 2021 censuses, overseas visitors were those people who indicated they would be usually resident in Australia for less than a year.

Since the 1996 Census, overseas visitors have been separately categorised in standard tabulations, with the exception of Age (AGEP), Sex (SEXP) and Registered marital status (MSTP) tabulations.

Overseas visitors can be identified for AGEP, SEXP, and MSTP by cross-classifying with a variable which contains a separate overseas visitor category.

See also Place of enumeration and Place of usual residence (PURP).

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