061 Robbery

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Australian and New Zealand Standard Offence Classification (ANZSOC)
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Subdivision 061 Robbery

The unlawful taking of property, with intent to permanently deprive the owner of the property, from the immediate possession, control, custody or care of a person, accompanied by the use, and/or threatened use, of immediate force or violence.

This subdivision is further disaggregated on the basis of whether or not the robbery involved aggravating circumstances.

Offences in this subdivision are classified into the following groups:

0611 Aggravated robbery

0612 Non-aggravated robbery


Demand money with menaces (where the demand is made face-to-face and there are no further threats)

Robbery that does not involve threats or coercive measures to be carried out in the future

0611 Aggravated robbery

Robbery involving any of the following aggravating circumstances:

  • infliction of injury or violence on the person;
  • possession/use of a weapon; or
  • committed in company (i.e. by two or more persons).


Armed robbery not resulting in an injury

Administer drugs with intent to steal

0612 Non-aggravated robbery

Robbery not involving any aggravating circumstances as defined in Group 0611, Aggravated robbery.


Robbery not involving any aggravating circumstances

Demand money with menaces not involving any aggravating circumstances


Demand money/property with menaces via indirect means e.g. a letter. These are coded to Group 0621, Blackmail and extortion.

Theft from a person without the use of force, threat of force or putting the person in fear. These are coded to Group 0821, Theft from a person (excluding by force).

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