09 Fraud, deception and related offences

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Australian and New Zealand Standard Offence Classification (ANZSOC)
Reference period

Division 09 - Fraud, deception and related offences

Offences involving a dishonest act or omission carried out with the purpose of deceiving to obtain a benefit.

This division is disaggregated into subdivisions on the basis of the type of fraud or deception involved.

Offences in this division are classified into the following subdivisions:

091 Obtain benefit by deception

092 Forgery and counterfeiting

093 Deceptive business/government practices

099 Other fraud and deception offences


Utter a forged/counterfeit document

Unlicensed person practicing a trade/profession

Identity fraud

Conspiracy to defraud


Deceive a witness. These are coded to Group 1561, Subvert the course of justice.

Deception offences relating to weapons and explosives, other than those relating to licensing. These offences are coded to the relevant groups within Division 11, Prohibited and regulated weapons and explosives offences.

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