14 Traffic and vehicle regulatory offences

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Australian and New Zealand Standard Offence Classification (ANZSOC)
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Division 14 - Traffic and vehicle regulatory offences

Offences relating to vehicles and most forms of traffic, including offences pertaining to the licensing, registration, roadworthiness or use of vehicles, bicycle offences and pedestrian offences.

This division is further disaggregated into subdivisions on the basis of whether or not the offence was in breach of regulations relating to having a driver’s licence, the registration or roadworthiness of a particular vehicle, or the manner in which the vehicle is operated. While some ‘drink driving’ offences, such as exceeding the prescribed blood alcohol limit, are included in this division, others such as driving under the influence of alcohol or other substance form part of Division 04, Dangerous or negligent acts endangering persons.

For the purposes of this division the definition of vehicle is any means of motorised or non-motorised transport in or on which something is carried, conveyed or travels. This includes but is not limited to: car, motorcycle, motorised caravan/campervan, truck, tractor, bus, train, tram, boat, aeroplane, bicycle, wheelchair, skateboard/skates/rollerblades, ride-on mower, horse, etc.

For the purposes of this division, ‘drive’ and ‘operate’ are taken to be interchangeable terms for being considered in control of or in charge of a vehicle.

Offences in this division are classified into the following subdivisions:

141 Driver licence offences

142 Vehicle registration and roadworthiness offences

143 Regulatory driving offences

144 Pedestrian offences


Dangerous or negligent driving (including driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and culpable driving), actually or potentially causing injury. These are coded to Subdivision 041, Dangerous or negligent operation of a vehicle.

Motor vehicle theft. These are coded to Subdivision 081, Motor vehicle theft and related offences.

Fraud relating to motor vehicles. These are coded to Division 09, Fraud, deception and related offences.

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