16 Miscellaneous offences

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Australian and New Zealand Standard Offence Classification (ANZSOC)
Reference period

Division 16 - Miscellaneous offences

Offences involving the breach of statutory rules or regulations governing activities that are prima facie legal, where such offences are not explicitly dealt with under any other division. If an offence is specified under regulation and involves an act that would be illegal under common law or general criminal legislation (e.g. assault on Occupational Health and Safety Inspector), then this offence should be dealt with under the appropriate generic group.

This division is further disaggregated into subdivisions on the basis of whether the offence was against the individual, the collective public, business or other entity.

Offences in this division are classified into the following subdivisions:

161 Defamation, libel and privacy offences

162 Public health and safety offences

163 Commercial/industry/financial regulation

169 Other miscellaneous offences

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