01 Homicide and related offences

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Australian and New Zealand Standard Offence Classification (ANZSOC)
Reference period

Division 01 - Homicide and related offences

Unlawfully kill, attempt to unlawfully kill or conspiracy to kill another person.

This division is further disaggregated into subdivisions on the basis of the level of culpability involved, as reflected by:

  • a criminal intent in the form of either an intent to kill or to commit a crime leading to the killing of another person; or
  • the degree of involvement in the physical act of killing another person.

Offences in this division are classified into the following subdivisions:

011 Murder

012 Attempted murder

013 Manslaughter and driving causing death


Kill on provocation

Kill an unborn child/infanticide

Accelerate death

Fail to take proper precaution to prevent death

Death caused by an act or omission during surgical or medical treatment


Procure or commit an illegal abortion is excluded from this division as in legal terms it is not treated as a homicide. It is coded to Group 1695, Procure or commit illegal abortion.

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