Message from ABS Champions and Executive Sponsors

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ABS Inclusion and Diversity Strategy
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2022 - 2026
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Message from ABS Champions and Executive Sponsors

We are pleased to endorse the ABS Inclusion and Diversity Strategy which clearly states our commitment to an inclusive and representative workplace.

As Champions, we will support, influence and provide visible leadership to our inclusion and diversity initiatives by promoting workplace inclusion, role modelling inclusive behaviours and influencing cultural change.

As Executive Sponsors we have committed to understanding the barriers to inclusion and equity and will advocate on behalf of diversity groups across the ABS and the APS more broadly. We will actively support and promote an inclusive culture within the ABS.

We are striving to provide a positive and safe workplace that recognises the diverse capabilities, perspectives and experiences of our staff. The ABS will be stronger and more successful when our workforce reflects the communities we serve, and we harness this strength effectively.

We commit to a workplace culture that values inclusion and diversity; we embrace this in our everyday work and will work hard to harness the efforts of staff to achieve this Strategy’s outcomes.

Leanne Harmon, Anders Holmberg, George Holton, Katherine Keenan, Lane Masterton, Sybille McKeown, Lisa Scanlon, Marcel Van Kints, David Zago.

ABS Inclusion and Diversity Champions

Jenet Connell, Teresa Dickinson, Dr David Gruen AO, Helen Wilson

ABS Inclusion and Diversity Executive Sponsors

“Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day” Author Unknown

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