Goal 4: We thrive under inclusive and diverse leadership

Latest release
ABS Inclusion and Diversity Strategy
Reference period
2022 - 2026
Next release Unknown
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We thrive under inclusive and diverse leadership

Our leaders reflect the diversity of our workforce. They pave the way and integrate inclusion and diversity into all aspects of the business by role modelling and promoting a culture that supports the abilities and experiences of our employees.


Our leaders are from varied cultures, faiths, backgrounds and diversity groups. They foster, promote and drive inclusion and diversity within the workplace by:

  • Building and leading diverse work teams with respectful, supportive behaviour.
  • Modelling inclusive behaviour and actively challenging the behaviour of others that do not reflect these values.
  • Modelling healthy work/life balance and actively supporting flexible working in their teams.
  • Participating in developing their inclusive leadership capability and applying their acquired knowledge.
  • Championing actions and deliverables from the Reconciliation Action Plan and Commonwealth Strategies, by promoting and encouraging alignment with work programs and outputs.
  • Heads of Office work with local network members or members of communities to actively support office led approaches to inclusion and diversity activities.
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