Goal 3: We strive for excellence

Latest release
ABS Inclusion and Diversity Strategy
Reference period
2022 - 2026
Next release Unknown
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We strive for excellence

Our workplace structures, systems and procedures assist our people to effectively develop and build their capabilities. We harness the potential, skills, perspectives and experience of our people to increase organisational capability.


We embody a high-performance culture where everybody is valued by ensuring:

  • Our employees are supported and encouraged to undertake management and/or leadership opportunities.
  • Our employees and managers readily access resources regarding workplace inclusion and diversity.
  • Our employees are provided with a safe, accessible, and inclusive work environment which provides flexibility and support.
  • Our management and leadership development programs have inclusion and respectful behavior as central components.
  • Our capability development activities and resources are truly accessible for all employees.
  • The knowledge and experience of our diverse workforce improves ABS business practice.
  • Our commitment to inclusion and diversity guides our interactions in Australian communities.
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