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ABS Inclusion and Diversity Strategy
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2022 - 2026
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The ABS is working to improve our workplace, so it better reflects our community, is more inclusive and benefits from the diverse skills, perspectives and experiences of our staff. We welcome diversity in all its forms in our workplace where everyone can contribute fully, feel valued, and be themselves without fear. Being diverse and inclusive supports us to become a higher performing and stronger organisation.

What is inclusion and diversity?

“Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance” - Verna Myers

Inclusion and diversity means recognising, respecting and valuing individual differences, and having an environment where people are empowered and can fully contribute their talents, skills, experiences, thoughts and energies to the workplace. It involves removing barriers to ensure everyone is able to participate and have equitable access to opportunities. It enables new and innovative ways to work, solve problems and create efficiencies and quality outcomes for the benefit of the organisation.

Why inclusion and diversity matters

When inclusion and diversity are valued and embodied in the workplace, we see benefits such as better decision making, higher employee engagement, improved performance, greater innovation, retention of the people we need in the future, and improved staff wellbeing, as well as lower levels of unwanted behaviours such as bullying and harassment.

Inclusion and Diversity are everyone’s responsibility and require a collective approach. Unless people are consciously inclusive, exclusion can occur unintentionally. People who feel they belong perform better, become more willing to challenge themselves and are more resilient. Inclusion leads to belonging, belonging leads to engagement, engagement leads to high performance and productivity. Inclusion allows individuals to bring their authentic selves to work.

An inclusive and diverse workforce will provide the ABS with the experience, knowledge and capability to design and deliver services which meet the needs of the people making important decisions across Australia.

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