Goal 2: We are representative

Latest release
ABS Inclusion and Diversity Strategy
Reference period
2022 - 2026
Next release Unknown
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We are representative

We are a flexible, adaptive and inclusive organization that attracts and retains a workforce which reflects the diversity of the Australian Community we serve.


We are seen as an attractive employer that provides a supportive and inclusive workplace by ensuring:

  • The public face of the ABS, especially our website and media imagery, reflects the diversity of our people and the communities we serve.
  • Our workforce profile reflects the Australian population.
  • We align with APSC strategic goals by actively using Affirmative Measures processes to increase the proportion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and people with disability in our workforce.
  • We continually review our processes and methods to identify and address systemic barriers to entry and advancement and improve our attractiveness as an employer of choice.
  • Our physical workplaces and technology are based on the principle of accessibility for all.
  • We invest in the professional development and careers of our staff.
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