Compare data services

Compare free and charged data services

There are a number of ways to access ABS data, in addition to data available on the website:

  • this information will help you choose the best data products or services for you
  • find out which products are free
  • not all topics are available in all data services

Free data services

  • create, save and download your own tables using many topics
Census products
  • QuickStats provides summary information about people, families and dwellings, comparing very small statistical areas (SA1) to state and national levels
  • Community profiles are comprehensive statistical pictures for small areas (SA2), including time series profiles
  • DataPacks are designed for loading detailed Census information into your database or system, comparing community characteristics and time series
Data by region
  • region and local area data on population, economy, income, education and health using an interactive map
Data Explorer
  • interactive online tool that presents data in a searchable, flexible and dynamic way, with user interface and API options
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • enable fast access to ABS statistics using machine to machine ‘API calls’, including direct access to headline economic statistics as soon as they are released using the ABS Indicator API

Topics for free data services

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Features of free data services

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Charged data services

MicrodataDownload (basic microdata)
  • unit record data about people, households or businesses that can be downloaded for statistical analysis in your own environment, such as modelling
  • highly confidentialised data items, usually provided in ranges or broad groupings
  • analyse highly detailed microdata within the secure DataLab, using statistical software including R, SAS, Stata and Python
  • all output is cleared by ABS before being released to you
Consultancy services
  • customised aggregate data tailored to meet your needs
  • ABS provided service
DataLab and/or data integration services (detailed microdata)
  • analyse highly detailed microdata, including: 
    • standard detailed microdata files
    • integrated detailed microdata from PLIDA and BLADE
    • creation of customised integrated microdata, for example linking of your own organisation's data to PLIDA or BLADE (ABS provided service)
  • Use statistical software including R, SAS, Stata and Python
  • all output is cleared by ABS before being released to you
  • Access via DataLab

Topics for charged data services

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Features of charged data services

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Geographies in free and charged products

You can compare the levels of geography that are available in each product or system. Most datasets provided by the ABS relate to the whole of Australia, but may also contain geographic data items such as state or territory, as a characteristic of the record of interest. ABS uses the Australian Statistical Geographic Standard (ASGS), which includes both ABS structures (such as Statistical Areas (SA), mesh blocks and remoteness) and non-ABS structures (such as suburb or local government area (LGA)). 

Not all datasets within a system have the same geographic variables or level of detail. Check data item lists in Microdata and TableBuilder topics to confirm the geography for the dataset you are interested in.

  • TableBuilder
  • DataLab and data integration
  • Consultancy services
  • Data integration
Census productsData by regionData ExplorerMicrodataDownload
Greater capital city
Remoteness area
Mesh block    
Local Government Area (LGA) 
Socio economic index for Australia (SEIFA)  


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