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TableBuilder is a flexible way to access detailed data where you can:

  • build your own tables, graphs and maps, based on underlying microdata
  • select the data items of your choice for cross-tabulation
  • display counts, percentages and relative standard errors in your table
  • calculate means, medians and quantiles for continuous variables such as income
  • tables, graphs and maps are automatically treated to protect privacy and confidentiality before the output is provided to you
  • download tables as CSV, Excel and SDMX files, and graphs and thematic maps, including PDF and KMZ
  • create, save and share customised geographic areas and recodes with other registered users
  • see Data series topics for a full list of files in TableBuilder

Which version is best for you

Census TableBuilder Guest

  • free access without registering
  • introductory experience to learn how to access Census data
  • broad demographic data items
  • a range of topic-based datasets including classifications such as age, education, housing, income, transport, religion, ethnicity and occupation
  • create and download tables up to 10,000 cells
  • generate and download graphs and thematic maps

Census TableBuilder Basic

  • free access after registering
  • construct basic data tables
  • access to Census topic-based datasets, with finer level of geography and demography than Guest
  • create, download and save tables up to 40 million cells
  • generate and download thematic maps
  • create your own custom groups

Census TableBuilder Pro

  • charged access after registering
  • all Census TableBuilder Basic features plus
  • access to advanced Census variables, so you can create large or complex tables
  • supports a large variety of cross-classified tables with the most detailed geography and demography

TableBuilder - all other datasets

  • charged access after registering
  • many topics including health, education, labour force, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, migrants, motor vehicles, crime, disabilities, ageing and carers
  • ABS survey datasets and administrative data collected by other organisations
  • create, download and save tables up to 40 million cells
  • display relative standard errors
  • calculate means, medians, quantiles and ranges for continuous variables
  • create your own custom groups

Data series topics

TableBuilder datasets are grouped into topic based data series for subscriptions. You can subscribe to one or more data series in TableBuilder. When you subscribe to a data series, you and all members of your organisation can access all of the datasets within that data series.

Datasets and reference periods in TableBuilder are listed below. For datasets in other systems see MicrodataDownload and DataLab, or all topics in Available microdata and TableBuilder.

Use Ctrl+F (Windows) or Command+F (Mac) to search this list.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, 2018-19
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey, Core Content - Risk Factors and Selected Health Conditions, 2012-13
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey, Detailed Conditions and Other Health Data, 2012-13
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey, Nutrition and Physical Activity, 2012-13
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey, 2014-15

Australian Census Longitudinal Data

Australian Census Longitudinal Dataset, 2006-2011-2016
Australian Census Longitudinal Dataset, 2011-2016
Australian Census Longitudinal Dataset, 2006-2011
Australian Census Longitudinal Dataset, 2006-2011, with Social Security and Related Information, experimental statistics

Businesses in Australia

Businesses in Australia, 2018-19

Census of Population and Housing

Census of Population and Housing, 2006, 2011, 2016
Census of Population and Housing: Estimating Homelessness, 2016
Census of Population and Housing: Index of Household Advantage and Disadvantage, 2016

Childhood Education and Care

Childhood Education and Care, 2011, 2014, 2017

Community Engagement with Nature Conservation

Community Engagement with Nature Conservation, 2011-12

Crime and Safety

Crime Victimisation, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13
Personal Safety, 2016

Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities, 2017-18
Attendance at Selected Cultural Venues and Events, 2013-14
Participation in Selected Cultural Activities, 2010-11, 2013-14

Disability, Ageing and Carers

Disability, Ageing and Carers, 2003. 2009, 2012, 2015, 2018

Education and Work

Education and Work, annually from 2011

Employee Earnings and Hours

Employee Earnings and Hours, 2018 

Family Characteristics

Family Characteristics, 2012-13

General Social Data

General Social Survey, 2014

Household Use of Information Technology

Household Use of Information Technology, 2010-11

Income, Housing, Wealth and Expenditure

Income and Housing, 2015-16, 2017-18

Labour Force

Barriers and Incentives to Labour Force Participation, Retirement and Retirement Intentions, 2010-11, 2016-17, 2018-19
Characteristics of Employment, 2014 to 2020
Jobs in Australia, annually from 2011-12
Labour Force Status of Families, annually 2009-2018, quarterly from March 2019
Participation, Job Search and Mobility, annually from 2015


Australian Census and Migrants, 2011, 2016
Australian Census and Temporary Entrants, 2016
Characteristics of Recent Migrants, 3-yearly from 2010

Motor Vehicles

Census of Motor Vehicles, annually from 2013 to 2021
Motor Vehicle Use, 2016, 2018, 2020
Road Freight Movements, 2014

National Health Survey

National Health Survey, 2011-12, 2014-15, 2017-18
Australian Health Survey, Core Content - Risk Factors and Selected Health Conditions, 2011-12

Nutrition and Physical Activity

Australian Health Survey, Nutrition and Physical Activity, 2011-12
Australian Health Survey, Core Content - Risk Factors and Selected Health Conditions, 2011-12

Patient Experiences

Patient Experiences, 2011-12, 2016-17

Preschool Education

Preschool Education, annually from 2013

Qualifications and Work

Qualifications and Work, 2010-11, 2015, 2018-19

Sport and Physical Recreation

Participation in Sport and Physical Recreation, 2011-12, 2013-14

Work-Related Injuries

Work-Related Injuries, 2013-14, 2017-18

Work-Related Training and Adult Learning

Work-Related Training and Adult Learning, 2013, 2016-17



  • subscribe annually
  • access TableBuilder data series that your organisation has subscribed to
  • costs are per organisation - add unlimited members to your organisation at any time at no additional charge 
Subscription servicePrice (6 months ending June 2022)
Census TableBuilder GuestFree
Businesses in AustraliaFree
Census TableBuilder BasicFree
Census TableBuilder Pro$1,340
TableBuilder - other datasets$670 per data series


How to access

Register using your organisation email address to join your organisation in the Registration Centre.

  • If your organisation has already subscribed to TableBuilder, you will be automatically joined to your organisation for immediate access to subscribed products.
  • If your organisation has not yet subscribed, email, including your name, organisation, user ID number and the products and systems you want to subscribe to. 
  • All registered members in your organisation can access subscribed TableBuilder files at no additional charge.

Log in to access TableBuilder using your Registration Centre ID and password.

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Census TableBuilder Pro: To maintain the confidentiality of respondents and to ensure the output of quality data, some system restrictions have been implemented. These restrictions prevent the cross-tabulation of certain variables. See Census of Population and Housing: Community Profile, DataPack and TableBuilder Templates, Australia, 2016.

You need to agree to Conditions of use when using TableBuilder. The ABS may impose a limit on the maximum number of tables per user.