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Allocation files

Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) Edition 3
Reference period
July 2021 - June 2026

Allocation files are non-spatial representations of how each geography is aggregated from their building block geography. These files are available .xlsx format. 

Downloads for allocation files

Mesh Blocks - 2021

Statistical Areas Level 1 - 2021

Statistical Areas Level 2 - 2021

Statistical Areas Level 3 - 2021

Statistical Areas Level 4 - 2021

Greater Capital City Statistical Areas - 2021

States and Territories - 2021

Australia - 2021

Metadata for allocation files

In addition to the digital boundary products, allocation files will also be made available as each section of ASGS Edition 3 is published. These allocation files list the geographic hierarchies of each of the ASGS structures. An example of the file content is listed below.

Main Structure and Greater Capital City Statistical Areas

Allocation files listing the geographic hierarchies for each of the following regions, are available for download: 

  • Mesh Blocks (MB)
  • Statistical Area Level 1 (SA1)
  • Statistical Area Level 2 (SA2)
  • Statistical Area Level 3 (SA3)
  • Statistical Area Level 4 (SA4)
  • Greater Capital City Statistical Areas (GCCSA)
  • State and Territory (STE)
  • Australia (AUS)

The hierarchy is listed from the lowest level of the ASGS up.

File contents:

For example MB_2021_AUST contains all Mesh Blocks within Australia and includes the following fields:

  • MB_CODE_2021
  • MB_CATEGORY_2021
  • CHANGE_FLAG_2021
  • SA1_CODE_2021
  • SA2_CODE_2021
  • SA2_NAME_2021
  • SA3_CODE_2021
  • SA3_NAME_2021
  • SA4_CODE_2021
  • SA4_NAME_2021
  • GCCSA_CODE_2021
  • GCCSA_NAME_2021
  • STATE_CODE_2021
  • STATE_NAME_2021
  • AUS_CODE_2021
  • AUS_NAME_2021
  • ASGS_LOCI_URI_2021

This lists the Mesh Blocks that make up the SA1s, SA2s, SA3s, SA4s, GCCSAs, State and Territory and Australia. It also gives the area in square kilometres of the Mesh Block, based on Albers Conic Equal Area projection.