Safe researcher training


Registering your interest to attend DataLab training, and training resources


What is safe researcher training

DataLab safe researcher training must be undertaken before you can use the DataLab or be approved on a project:

  • training enables new users to become approved DataLab researchers or discussants
  • available as face-to-face training via ABS offices, in most capital cities
  • also available as virtual training

Training covers:

  • your shared responsibilities as a DataLab user
  • meeting your legislative requirements
  • appropriate output for ABS clearance and data release

The training does not include:

  • using the system
  • using the data
  • statistical capability training
  • code or analytical language training

Before enrolling in training, check who can access the DataLab to make sure:

  • you understand the pre-requisites for accessing DataLab
  • you, your organisation and your project are eligible for DataLab access

How to register your interest

Note: Wait times for training vacancies can be 1-2 months. Training is not delivered in January.

The ABS now has a new portal called myDATA. The myDATA Beta portal will be your one-stop shop for all aspects of DataLab training, onboarding and project management.



Detailed registration steps are listed in the User Guide here.

We will acknowledge your request within 2-3 working days.

Email if you have issues with registering in the portal.

NOTE: myDATA Beta Portal is a separate system from Registration Centre and DataLab. You only need to register for the myDATA Beta Portal and Registration Centre. Your DataLab account will be created by the ABS once you are approved to join a project.

Refresher training

The successful and safe operation of the ABS DataLab relies upon researchers understanding their responsibilities and obligations when accessing the ABS DataLab.

All researchers seeking access to the ABS DataLab, including discussants, must complete the DataLab Safe Researcher training and satisfactorily complete a quiz before they will be granted access to the DataLab.

To retain access to the DataLab researchers must:

  • undertake refresher training every two years or as directed by ABS DataLab Client Support team
  • resubmit relevant Declarations and Undertaking covering on responsibilities and obligations every two years or as required and as directed by the ABS DataLab Client Support team 

If you think you might be due for refresher training please email

Changing organisations does not invalidate a researcher's training status and the usual refresher training requirements apply.

Refresher training policy:
Researchers need to undertake refresher training because:

  • key operations, such as output checking procedures and rules, will change over time
  • reinforcing key elements on a regular basis reduces the likelihood that researchers forget them
  • people can become complacent about complying with appropriate behaviours in the DataLab
  • training reinforces the need to constantly refresh ones skills and knowledge about implementing safe researcher practices
  • this ensures researchers remain aware of their responsibilities and obligations when using the DataLab

The refresher training policy requires: 

  • all active users and discussants to complete the Safe Researcher DataLab refresher training every two years, or sooner if instructed to by the ABS
  • resubmit relevant Declarations and Undertaking covering on responsibilities and obligations every two years, or sooner if instructed to by the ABS
  • complete the training in the time-frame specified by the ABS to ensure access is not suspended.  

Safe researcher training resources

The slides linked below are presented during the DataLab Safe Researcher Training. 

Part 1 - Working together to enable microdata access

Part 2 - Maintaining data confidentiality

Part 3 - Statistical disclosure control

\(\Huge 🗎\) DataLab safe researcher training Parts 1 and 2.docx

\(\Huge 🗎\) DataLab safe researcher training Part 3.docx

You should also read Responsible use of ABS microdata user guide and Using DataLab Responsibly to understand your responsibilities as a safe researcher.

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