Street lighting (COFOG-A 064)

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Australian System of Government Finance Statistics: Concepts, Sources and Methods
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Street lighting (COFOG-A 064) consists of government expenditure on street lighting. This category is further classified into:

  • street lighting (COFOG-A 0641).

Street lighting (COFOG-A 0641)


Street lighting (COFOG-A 0641) consists of:

  • the administration of street lighting affairs; development and regulation of street lighting standards; and
  • installation, operation, maintenance, upgrading, etc. of street lighting.

Includes: Design of street lighting.

Excludes: Lighting affairs and services associated with the construction and operation of highways (classified to road maintenance (COFOG-A 1111) or road construction (COFOG-A 1113)); installation of traffic signals (classified to road construction (COFOG-A 1113)); maintenance, repairs and operating costs of traffic signals (classified to road maintenance (COFOG-A 1111)).

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