Social protection (COFOG-A 10)

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Social protection (COFOG-A 10) consists of government expenditure on social protection. Government expenditure on social protection includes expenditure on services and transfers provided to individual persons and households and expenditure on services provided on a collective basis. Expenditures on individual services and transfers are allocated to COFOG-A 100 through COFOG-A 106; expenditures on collective services are assigned to COFOG-A 107 and COFOG-A 109. Collective social protection services are concerned with matters such as formulation and administration of government policy; formulation and enforcement of legislation and standards for providing social protection; and applied research and experimental development into social protection affairs and services.


Social protection (COFOG-A 10) is further classified into:

  • sickness and disability (COFOG-A 100);
  • old age (COFOG-A 101);
  • survivors (COFOG-A 102);
  • family and children (COFOG-A 103);
  • unemployment (COFOG-A 104);
  • housing (COFOG-A 105);
  • social exclusion not elsewhere classified (COFOG-A 106);
  • research and development - social protection (COFOG-A 107); and
  • social protection not elsewhere classified (COFOG-A 109).
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