13. Treatment of selected items

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Australian System of Government Finance Statistics: Concepts, Sources and Methods
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Part A - Introduction


This chapter examines specific treatments for certain items that appear in the GFS statement of operations and the GFS balance sheet. The treatment of the following items are described in this chapter:

  • Part B - The treatment of debt in Australian GFS;
  • Part C - The treatment of contingent liabilities;
  • Part D - The treatment of insurance and standardised guarantees;
  • Part E - The treatment of public-private partnerships (PPPs);
  • Part F - The treatment of major improvements to assets versus maintenance and repairs;
  • Part G - The treatment of research and development;
  • Part H - The treatment of contracts, leases and licences in GFS;
  • Part I - The treatment of superannuation in GFS;
  • Part J - The difference between government taxes and government fees for services;
  • Part K - The treatment of expenditure versus expense in GFS;
  • Part L - The treatment of tax refunds and tax credits in GFS;
  • Part M - The treatment of taxes that share characteristics with taxes on property (ETF 111, TC 3) but should be classified elsewhere;
  • Part N - The treatment of rent in GFS;
  • Part O - The treatment of government payments to NPIs and public corporations;
  • Part P - The boundary between use of goods and services and transfers;
  • Part Q - The boundary between use of goods and services and employee expenses;
  • Part R - The boundary between use of goods and services and the acquisition of non-financial assets; and
  • Part S - Recording the production of non-financial produced assets over two or more accounting periods.
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