Housing development (COFOG-A 061)

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Housing development (COFOG-A 061) consists of government expenditure on housing development. This category is further classified into:

  • housing development (COFOG-A 0611).

Housing development (COFOG-A 0611)


Housing development (COFOG-A 0611) consists of:

  • the administration of housing development affairs and services; promotion, monitoring and evaluation of housing development activities whether or not the activities are under the auspices of public authorities; development and regulation of housing standards;
  • slum clearance related to provision of housing; acquisition of land needed for construction of dwellings; construction or purchase and remodelling of dwelling units for the general public or for people with special needs;
  • the production and dissemination of public information, technical documentation and statistics on housing development affairs and services; and
  • grants, loans or subsidies to support the expansion, improvement or maintenance of the housing stock.

Includes: Administration of rent controls and eligibility standards for public housing; provision of accommodation within the community to members of the defence force; planning of housing development including housing subdivisions.

Excludes: Development and regulation of construction standards (classified to construction (COFOG-A 0443)); construction methods and materials (classified to construction (COFOG-A 0443)); supervision of the construction industry, building inspection and certification (classified to construction (COFOG-A 0443)); cash benefits and benefits in kind to help households meet the cost of housing (classified to housing (COFOG-A 1051)); provision of accommodation on Defence bases to members of the defence force (classified to military defence (COFOG-A 0211)); provision of housing for social protection purposes (classified to the appropriate class of COFOG-A 10).

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