Community development (COFOG-A 062)

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Community development (COFOG-A 062) consists of government expenditure on community development. This category is further classified into:

  • indigenous community development (COFOG-A 0621); and
  • community development not elsewhere classified (COFOG-A 0629).

Indigenous community development (COFOG-A 0621)


Indigenous community development (COFOG-A 0621) includes government expenditure on development in indigenous communities. Indigenous communities are those which have a predominantly indigenous population and where tribal ways and traditional roles are maintained. They are usually remote from major service centres and include communities on Indigenous land and within pastoral leases, reserves, town camps and transit camps. This category consists of:

  • the administration, operation or support of Indigenous community development affairs and services; and
  • grants, loans or subsidies to support activities relating to Indigenous community development.

Community development not elsewhere classified (COFOG-A 0629)


Other community development (COFOG-A 0629) consists of:

  • the administration of community development affairs and services; administration of zoning laws and land use and building regulations;
  • the planning of new communities or of rehabilitated communities; planning the improvement and development of facilities such as housing, industry, public utilities, health, education, culture, recreation, etc. for communities; preparation of schemes for financing planned developments; and
  • the production and dissemination of general information, technical documentation and statistics on community development affairs and services.

Includes: Relocating existing populations; administration of concessions to decentralised industries.

Excludes: Plan implementation, that is, the actual construction of housing, industrial buildings, streets, public utilities, cultural facilities, etc. (classified according to function); agrarian land reform and land settlement (classified to agriculture (COFOG-A 0421)); administration of construction standards (classified to construction (COFOG-A 0443)); administration of housing standards (classified to housing development (COFOG-A 0611)); Indigenous community development (classified to indigenous community development (COFOG-A 0621)).

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