Water supply (COFOG-A 063)

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Water supply (COFOG-A 063) consists of government expenditure on water supply. This category is further classified into:

  • water supply (COFOG-A 0631).

Water supply (COFOG-A 0631)


Water supply (COFOG-A 0631) consists of:

  • the administration of water supply affairs; assessment of future needs and determination of availability in terms of such assessment; supervision and regulation of all facets of potable water supply including water purity, price and quantity controls;
  • the construction or operation of non-enterprise-type of water supply systems;
  • the production and dissemination of general information, technical documentation and statistics on water supply affairs and services; and
  • grants, loans or subsidies to support the operation, construction, maintenance or upgrading of water supply systems.

Excludes: Irrigation systems (classified to agriculture (COFOG-A 0421)); multipurpose development projects (classified to multipurpose development projects (COFOG-A 0464)); collection and treatment of waste water (classified to reused or recycled waste water management (COFOG-A 0521) or waste water management not elsewhere classified (COFOG-A 0529)); supply of systems to allow water use or reuse (classified to reused or recycled waste water management (COFOG-A 0521)).

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