International Year of Statistics

We have been providing Australians with the high quality statistics necessary for informed decision making for over 100 years. Throughout 2013 the Australian Bureau of Statistics proudly supported the International Year of Statistics (IYOS) which was endorsed by our previous Australian Statistician Mr Brian Pink (2007-2013). Mr Pink emphasised that IYOS celebrates the important role statistics play in building a better nation for all Australians, and people in different countries all over the world.

During the International Year of Statistics more than 2,250 organisations including universities, research institutes, high schools, professional societies, government agencies and businesses in over 100 countries have joined to celebrate and promote the importance of statistics to businesses, governments, the media, policy makers, employers, academia, students and the community.

The steering committee decided at the end of 2013 that the IYOS initiative had been such a success they would create a new campaign called the World of Statistics which aims to continue the goals that were initially established for Statistics2013. These goals are:

- Increasing public awareness of the power and impact of statistics on all aspects of society

- Nurturing statistics as a profession, especially among young people

- Promoting creativity and development in the sciences of probability and statistics.

The World of Statistics Initiative aims to: promote the education, contribution, use and application of statistics in our every day lives; achieve their goals; and influence attitudes towards statistics.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is keen to progress the goals of the World of Statistics through its own initiatives during 2014 and beyond, so stay tuned for more information and updates.