Interesting Facts about Australia’s 25,000,000 population

    Australia's population is set to hit 25 million on Tuesday August 7 at around 11pm (AEST). Although we don't know exactly who the 25 millionth person will be, they will most likely be either a newborn baby or person moving to Australia.
      We’re a population of 25 million people - this ranks us the 53rd largest population in the world.
        Australia has one of the most multicultural populations in the world. We have more than 300 different ancestries and 28% of our resident population is born overseas — that’s nearly 7 million people.
          Did you know our working population has more than 1,000 different occupations? General Sales Assistants are the most common occupation with 526,010 people, while Bungy Jump Masters are the hardest to find with only seven in Australia.

          Did you know Australia produces approximately 1.6 million tonnes of red and white wine grapes per year? That’s about 64kg of wine grapes each for our almost 25 million strong population.
            Australia is an aging population and we're also living longer with almost 4,000 people over the age of 100. That’s a lot of letters from the Queen.
              Last year Australia welcomed more than 308,000 babies to our population. Data tells us the most common day of birth is 17 September and Christmas day is the least common (followed by Boxing Day).
                Australia, we’re a nation of nations – we speak more than 300 languages.
                  A lot has changed since 1970 when Australia’s population was approximately 12.5 million – that’s half of what it is today. That year saw Melbourne Airport officially open and roller skating was the latest fad.
                    As Aussies, our home is our castle but our castles are getting smaller. Like the Kerrigan’s, 73% of the population lives in stand-alone houses, while 26% of the population now live in homes such as flats, apartments, semi-detached, row houses and town houses.
                      As a population, we’re made up of more than six million families and they come in all shapes and sizes.
                        Did you know more than 90% of our population lives within 100km of the coast making us one of the world’s most urbanised coastal dwelling populations?
                          Our population is on the rise, literally – 38% of occupied apartments are in high rise blocks with four or more storeys. That’s up from 18% in 2006.

                          While we are now a population of 25 million people, we’re still outnumbered by sheep almost three to one. That’s a population of almost 75 million sheep.
                            We’re a population of city slickers with 67% of us living in capital cities, 23% in other urban areas and 10% living in rural Australia.
                              Australia, we’re a tech savvy bunch! Back in 1998, when Australia had a population of more than 18 million, only 13.5% of all households had home internet access. In 2017, 86% of all Aussie households had internet access at home.

                              Although we don't know exactly who the 25 millionth person will be, they will be either a newborn baby or person moving to Australia.

                              Australia, we've hit a population milestone - 25 million to be exact. The last time we reached a major milestone was in January 2016 when we reached 24 million.