Interact with our data

Google Motion Charts Property Price Index
Google Motion Chart demonstrating House and Attached Dwelling Price Indexes - Eight Capital Cities Median Prices (unstratified).
Google Motion Charts Australian Population Projections
Google Motion Chart demonstrating Australian Population Projections for Years 2006 to 2056
Australian Historical Population
A concept that demonstrates the growth of Australia's Population by states and territories from 1788
Animated Population Pyramid
A population pyramid is a graph showing the age and sex distribution of a population. It is a useful tool in revealing information about a population's history and future possibilities. The ABS animated population pyramid shows the change of population distribution over time.
Consumer Price Index
Inflation Calculator - The Real Worth of Money
A fun tool that demonstrates the change in purchasing power of an amount of money between two chosen dates. The difference shown between the user's input value and what the CPI Inflation Calculator outputs demonstrates the effect of inflation over time.
Tourist Accommodation - Room Occupancy Rate, Australia
An interactive tool that allows you to compare the Room Occupancy rates of the Hotels, Motels and Serviced Apartments with 15 or more rooms in each state of Australia.
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