Section of State Range

Latest release
Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) Edition 3
Reference period
July 2021 - June 2026

Section of State Range (SOSR) groups together Urban Centres and Localities (UCLs) into comparable classes based on the population of the UCL according to the 2021 Census of Population and Housing. This classification further breaks down Section of State categories and correspondingly enables the comparison of similar sized UCLs using a range of Census data.

SOSR design criteria

Section of State Range categories are also determined by the populations of Urban Centres and Localities. Section of State Range further divides the four Section of State population categories into eleven categories described in the table below.

SOSR identifiers and names
SOSR identifierSOSR nameSOS name
011 million or moreMajor Urban
02250,000 to 999,999Major Urban
03100,000 to 249,999Major Urban
1150,000 to 99,999Other Urban
1220,000 to 49,999Other Urban
1310,000 to 19,999Other Urban
145,000 to 9,999Other Urban
154,999 or lessOther Urban
21500 or moreBounded Locality
22499 or lessBounded Locality
31Remainder of State/TerritoryRural Balance


SOSR name criteria

The eleven different Section of State Range categories are named for their population ranges. State and territory identifiers are not added to Section of State Range names, meaning they are not unique.

SOSR coding structure

Section of State Range is identifiable by a 3-digit hierarchical code. This is created by combining a state or territory identifier, a SOS identifier and a SOSR identifier. A SOSR identifier is only unique if it is preceded by the State/Territory and SOS identifiers.

The examples below show how the SOSR codes are assigned.

SOSR coding structure examples
5011 million or more
431Remainder of State/Territory


Non-spatial special purpose codes are also part of the Section of State Range classification.

  • 79 is reserved for cases where people are coded to Migratory – Offshore – Shipping Statistical Areas Level 1.
  • 99 is reserved for cases where people are coded to No usual address Statistical Areas level 1.
  • ZZZ is reserved for cases where people are coded to Outside Australia.
Coding structure examples for SOSR special purpose codes
379Migratory - Offshore - Shipping (Qld)
899No usual address (ACT)


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