Pollution abatement (COFOG-A 053)

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Pollution abatement (COFOG-A 053) consists of government expenditure on pollution abatement. This category covers expenditure on activities relating to ambient air and climate protection, soil and ground-water protection, noise and vibration abatement and protection against radiation. These activities include construction, maintenance and operation of monitoring systems and stations (other than weather stations); construction of noise embankments, hedges and other anti-noise facilities including the resurfacing of sections of urban highways or railways with noise reducing surfaces; measures to clean pollution in water bodies; measures to control or prevent the emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants that adversely affect the quality of the air; construction, maintenance and operation of installations for the decontamination of polluted soils and for the storage of pollutant products; transportation of pollutant products.


Pollution abatement (COFOG-A 053) is further classified into:

  • pollution abatement (COFOG-A 0531).

Pollution abatement (COFOG-A 0531)


Pollution abatement (COFOG-A 0531) consists of:

  • the administration, supervision, inspection, operation or support of activities relating to pollution abatement and control; and
  • grants, loans or subsidies to support activities relating to pollution abatement and control.

Includes: Construction, maintenance and operation of monitoring systems and stations such as stations to monitor noise levels near airports; development and monitoring of standards covering pollution and air quality; prevention of pollution through use of cleaner technologies or cleaner products; treatment of exhaust gases; monitoring and control of the concentration of pollutants and air quality; development and use of anti-pollution devices; decontaminating and cleaning up surface water following accidental pollution.

Excludes: Waste water management (classified to reused or recycled waste water management (COFOG-A 0521) or waste water management not elsewhere classified (COFOG-A 0529)); activities carried out for economic reasons such as improved agricultural production (classified to agriculture (COFOG-A 0421)).

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