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ABS Business Reporting

ABS Business Reporting is currently a beta release. Trials for March and June quarters will help us to identify issues and improvements. We will also add to this page as more people use ABS Business Reporting and common issues are identified.

If you can’t find a solution here, please call us on 1800 735 060 (+61 2 6252 8814 overseas).

Known bugs

Listed below are known bugs in the beta release that will be corrected in future releases, and advice on how to work around these.

1.    Value not displayed

When reporting Remaining income or Remaining expenses, values for the largest remaining items may not be displayed, or may display initially and later disappear. This can be corrected by saving your progress, either by navigating to another page, or saving and exiting to the dashboard. Your data should be then display correctly when your report is re-opened.

2.    Display name does not update

In this beta release, the name displayed in the top right of screen will not be updated to reflect any change in details provided after first logging in to ABS Business Reporting. The name displayed will be the name associated with your Xero account when you logged in with Xero, or the name you provided when you created an ABS account.

3.    Multiple authorised users can access the report at the same time

In this beta release, multiple authorised users can access a report at the same time. This can cause save issues and may result in you losing data and progress in the report. To avoid issues, ensure all users save and exit the report when not in use, and that all other users have saved and exited the report before you access the report.

4.    An outstanding ABS verification email will prevent logging in with Xero

If you entered details to create an ABS account and received a verification email but not yet pressed the link, you will be unable to log in using Xero until you have verified using the link you have been emailed. Once you begin creating an ABS account, ensure this process is complete before logging in via the Xero log in.


5. Unable to progress to next screen

In this beta release, it is possible in some circumstances to allocate a single account to a report item multiple times, however this will prevent you from progressing through the report. If the ‘Save and continue’ button does not let you progress, check accounts allocated and remove duplicates before trying again. If this is not successful, using the navigation bar on the left of the screen will allow you to leave the page but your entries will not be saved.

I’ve forgotten my password

If you have created an ABS account, you will not have created a password. Navigate to the 'Log in' page and enter the email you signed up with, and you will receive an email with a link to log you in.

Image of the login page of ABS Business Reporting showing where to enter your email to log in using an ABS account

If you are logging in with Xero, you will need to use your Xero password. From the ABS Business Reporting 'Log in' page, select 'Log in with Xero' and then ‘Forgot password?’ to recover your password through Xero.

Image of Xero accounting software login page with link to 'Forgot password?' showing at the bottom of the image

I can’t access ABS Business Reporting or submit my report

High volumes of traffic may cause issues accessing the ABS Business Reporting webpage. Please wait and try again later.

We recommend accessing ABS Business Reporting using the latest version of the following compatible browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari

If you still have problems, please call us on 1800 735 060 (+61 2 6252 8814 overseas) so we can assist you.

The business I need to report for isn’t listed in ABS Business Reporting

Businesses listed in ABS Business Reporting is dependent on permissions within Xero. If you can’t see the business you are looking for, check your accounting software permissions. 

If you are unable to resolve this issue through your accounting software, please contact us on 1800 735 060 (+61 2 6252 8814 overseas).

Reporting information that is different to what is in accounting software

You can report information that is different to what is in your accounting software. This may be useful if accounts are not finalised at the time of reporting to the ABS. Press ‘Manual entry’, add a description and a value and press ‘Save’

Image showing the 'Manual entry' button to enter information that is different to what is in accounting software

Splitting an account across different parts of the report

Items on the report may not line up exactly with your accounts, and you may have an account that needs to be split across multiple parts of the report. To do this leave the account from your accounting software unallocated, and add a manual entry to each of the report items with the value required.

Saving progress

Your progress will frequently autosave in the background, and whenever you move between sections of the report.

Press the ‘Save and exit’ button to manually save your progress and exit the report.

Resuming a saved report

Log into ABS Business Reporting and from the dashboard you will see your current reports under the heading ‘ABS Business Reports’. Click ‘Launch Report’ to resume your saved report.

Image of the ABS Business Reporting dashboard with 'Launch Report' button circled

Updating ABS Business Reporting after making changes in accounting software

If you make changes in Xero and reopen ABS Business Reporting, any new accounts will be available to allocate. Changes made to allocated accounts will also update. Save and exit your report, launch the report again from the dashboard and the data from Xero will have updated.

Reviewing data

The review screen shows you the data that will be sent to the ABS, and the submit screen shows the data that the ABS will use for producing statistics. Pressing the pencil icon next to a topic will take you back to that section to edit your allocated accounts. Press the ‘Submit report’ button to submit your report.

Image of the ABS Business Reporting Review data page, showing report topics and data, and the pencil icon used to edit each section
Image of the ABS Business Reporting Review data page, showing report topics and data, and a 'Submit report' button at the bottom right of screen

Confirmation of received reports

Once you have completed and submitted your report, you will receive an on-screen submission confirmation that you can print or save for your own records. On returning to the dashboard the report will have moved from 'Current reports' to ‘Past reports’ and can be accessed there.

I’ve submitted my report and have received a reminder

If you have received a reminder from the ABS but have submitted your report, it could be that it was sent prior to you submitting your report. If this is the case, you do not need to take any further action.

To check you have successfully submitted your report, go to the dashboard within ABS Business Reporting.  If the status for the current quarter’s report is 'In Progress' you can click Launch report’ and ensure the report has been correctly submitted. If you are unsure whether your report has been submitted after following these steps, please call us on 1800 735 060 (+61 2 6252 8814 overseas).

Revising submitted reports

You won’t be able to edit the complete report through ABS Business Reporting. Please call us on 1800 735 060 (+61 2 6252 8814 overseas) to discuss further.

Compatible accounting software

Currently ABS Business Reporting is only available for businesses that use Xero accounting software and that also meet certain eligibility criteria. Other accounting software will be integrated over time.

Providing feedback about ABS Business Reporting

ABS Business Reporting is a new tool we are continuing to develop. We want to hear about your experience to help us improve.

After submitting your report, you can give your experience a rating out of 5 stars and leave a comment to let us know if you had a good experience, or if there are areas we can improve.

Once you have submitted your report, we will also be in touch to arrange a short interview to hear your views. If you would like to contact us sooner, please call us on 1800 735 060 (+61 2 6252 8814 overseas).

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