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Completing your Quarterly Business Indicators Survey using ABS Business Reporting

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Purpose of the survey

What you report to the ABS for the Quarterly Business Indicators Survey (QBIS) will feed into major economic indicators, such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and contribute to statistics in Australian National Accounts: National Income, Expenditure and Product and Business Indicators, Australia. 

These statistics are used by industry, government and individual businesses to understand Australia’s economy and make informed decisions. 

The information you provide will help to  ensure our statistics tell the whole story.  

Visit the ABS homepage to see more about what statistics ABS produce. 

Frequently asked questions

What kind of questions are asked in QBIS?

Why has this business been included in QBIS?

We are a small business: should we be included in this survey?

How is the information from this survey used? Why is it important?

Do we have to answer the questions?

How long will we need to participate in this survey?

Do we have to provide figures for this survey right now?

Will the information we provide be kept safe, secure and confidential?

Why isn't this survey due at the same time as our Business Activity Statement (BAS)?

Reporting where there have been changes to your business structure

Reporting for a business that was sold before the beginning of, or during the quarter

Reporting for a business that was still operating but did not trade during the quarter

Reporting for a business that has gone into liquidation or administration during the quarter

How to complete this survey

How do we answer QBIS?

What to report in QBIS

The following information provides guidance on what to include and exclude for each item in ABS Business Reporting.


Sales and services income

Wages and Salaries including employee entitlements

Superannuation Contributions


Using QBIS statistics

How can this business use QBIS statistics?

Who can we contact for more information or to provide feedback?

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