Housing (COFOG-A 105)

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Housing (COFOG-A 105) consists of government expenditure on housing. This category is further classified into:

  • housing (COFOG-A 1051).

Housing (COFOG-A 1051) consists of:

  • the provision of social protection in the form of benefits in kind to help households meet the cost of housing (recipients of these benefits are means tested);
  • the administration, operation or support of such social protection schemes; and
  • benefits in kind, such as payments made on a temporary or long-term basis to help tenants with rent costs, payments to alleviate the current housing costs of owner-occupiers (that is to help with payment mortgages or interest), provision of low-cost or social housing.

Includes: Rental subsidies and allowances; low cost mortgage financing for home building or purchase; conditional financial assistance for the construction of homes; financing of homes for ex-service personnel.

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