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1103 Personal Services

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Narrow Field 1103 Personal Services

Personal Services is the study of caring for the hair and body for grooming and beautification.

The main purpose of this narrow field of education is to develop an understanding of the scalp, facial and body hair, the skin, beautification and beauty treatments.

Courses in Narrow Field 1103 Personal Services develop skills in:

  • analysing and advising clients on hairstyles and general beauty care
  • applying make-ups, creams and lotions, and giving facial massages
  • cutting, filing, sculpting, painting and polishing finger and toe nails
  • cutting, colouring and styling hair
  • tinting, bleaching and removing facial and body hairs
  • using appliances and cosmetic masks to treat the skin and body

This narrow field comprises the following detailed fields:

110301  Beauty Therapy
110303  Hairdressing
110399  Personal Services, n.e.c.


Cosmetic surgery. This is included in Detailed Field 060103 Surgery.

110301 Beauty Therapy

Beauty Therapy is the study of maintaining and beautifying the face and body.

Examples of subjects in this detailed field include:

  • electrolysis
  • make-up artistry
  • nail technology
  • piercing
  • skin treatments
  • tattooing

110303 Hairdressing

Hairdressing is the study of cutting, colouring and styling scalp and facial hair.

Examples of subjects in this detailed field include:

  • beard trimming
  • colouring techniques
  • classic and fashion cutting techniques
  • hair extensions
  • perming techniques

110399 Personal Services, n.e.c.

This detailed field includes all Personal Services not elsewhere classified.

Examples of subjects in this detailed field include:

  • embalming
  • funeral services
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