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10 Creative Arts

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Broad Field 10 Creative Arts

Creative Arts is the study of creating and performing works of art, music, dance and drama. It includes the study of clothing design and creation, and communicating through a variety of media.

The theoretical content of Broad Field 10 Creative Arts includes:

  • artistic and technical aspects of audio-visual communication
  • artistic and technical aspects of creating and producing art and craft, photographs and fashion apparel
  • artistic and technical aspects of creating, producing and performing music, dance and drama
  • history, development and theory of the visual and performing arts

The main purpose of this broad field of education is to develop an understanding of composition, performance, artistic production, choreography, design and creativity, and technical production.

This broad field comprises the narrow fields listed below but excludes:

Mass production of products such as fashion apparel, woven materials, pottery and furniture. These are included in Narrow Field 0301 Manufacturing Engineering and Technology.

Computer graphics. This is included in Narrow Field 0201 Computer Science.

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