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03 Engineering and Related Technologies

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Broad Field 03 Engineering and Related Technologies

Engineering and Related Technologies is the study of the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and functioning of machines, systems and structures; and the composition and processing of metals, ceramics, foodstuffs and other materials. It includes the measurement and mapping of the earth’s surface and its natural and constructed features.

The theoretical content of Broad Field 03 Engineering and Related Technologies includes:

  • aeronautics
  • engineering and manufacturing technology
  • food technology
  • land information technology and remote sensing
  • materials science
  • principles of design, drafting, planning and commissioning
  • plant and machine maintenance

The main purpose of this broad field of education is to develop an understanding of the conversion of materials and energy, the measurement and representation of objects, and the operation of plant, machinery and transport systems.

This broad field comprises the narrow fields listed below but excludes:

Architecture and building. This is included in Broad Field 04 Architecture and Building.

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