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0611 Veterinary Studies

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Narrow Field 0611 Veterinary Studies

Veterinary Studies is the study of identifying, preventing and treating disease and injury in animals, and their general veterinary care.

The main purpose of this narrow field of education is to develop an understanding of normal growth, development and functioning of animals including their nutritional needs, behaviour, breeding and care, and an understanding of principles and procedures used in the diagnosis, treatment, control and prevention of illness, disease and injury in animals. It also involves developing an ability to assess and evaluate clinical observations to arrive at diagnoses and determine the appropriate courses of action.

Courses in Narrow Field 0611 Veterinary Studies develop skills in:

  • administering anaesthetics to animals
  • administering and prescribing drugs and treatments to animals
  • applying medical and surgical procedures to animals
  • advising clients about the care of animals
  • assisting with treating and caring for animals
  • diagnosing and treating as a result of evaluating and interpreting clinical observations and tests
  • observing, monitoring and reporting changes in an animal’s condition

This narrow field comprises the following detailed fields:

061101  Veterinary Science
061103  Veterinary Assisting
061199  Veterinary Studies, n.e.c.

061101 Veterinary Science

Veterinary Science is the study of diagnosing and treating animal diseases, ailments and injuries, and preventing and containing the spread of animal diseases.

Examples of subjects in this detailed field include:

  • veterinary pathology
  • animal health
  • medical and surgical procedures on animals

061103 Veterinary Assisting

Veterinary Assisting is the study of caring for sick, injured and infirm animals undergoing treatment in veterinary clinics.

Examples of subjects in this detailed field include:

  • animal care and treatment assistance
  • veterinary surgery preparation
  • post-operative animal care and monitoring
  • veterinary nursing practical skills

061199 Veterinary Studies, n.e.c.

This detailed field includes all Veterinary Studies not elsewhere classified.

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